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Photo Gallery

WORK EXAMPLES WORK EXAMPLES HANGING BASKETS 24749538 HANGING BASKETS 24749539 SMALL PATIO BEFORE PHOTO 24749540 SMALL PATIO AFTER PHOTO 24749541 CONTINENTAL PATIO 1 A continental style walled patio we designed and constructed 24749542 CONTINENTAL PATIO 2 Another view 24749543 BEFORE PHOTO MARCH 06 This was the garden before we started work 24749544 BEFORE PHOTO MARCH 06 Another shot 24749545 BEFORE PHOTO MARCH 06 Another shot 24749546 AFTER PHOTO MARCH 06 Work completed 24749547 AFTER PHOTO MARCH 06 Another shot showing completion 24749549 AFTER PHOTO MARCH 06 And another shot 24749550 LANDSCAPING A COURTYARD This is the bank prior to turfing / fencing.<BR>The rest of the photos for this project can be found in the MORE PHOTOS page on this site. 24749551 HANGING BASKETS 24749552 HANGING BASKETS 24854020 HANGING BASKETS 24854021 HANGING BASKETS 24854022 PATIO One of 2 shots showing the property prior to laying the patio 24854023 PATIO 2nd shot of the patio before 24854024 PATIO 1st shot on completion 24854025